ASMAG offers all its customers machinery and equipment for extrusion, pointing, drawing, straightening, cutting, finishing, testing as well as stacking and bundling. When ASMAG’s costumers produce tubes, bars or sections, ASMAG provides the appropriate machinery and equiptment based on each and every individual preference. A qualified engineering team and an experienced production team assure that exactly the equipment desired is delivered to the customer. ASMAG has even won the ENERGY GLOBE fire award this year!

We are very glad to be able to cooperate with ASMAG and to have them as our partner in manufacturing and material choices. We thank them for all their support and motivation for over 3 years already! They do not only support us by providing their machining equipment, which makes it possible for us to produce complex shapes needed for a perfect design of our car, they also give us advice in material properties regarding machinability and stability, both very important aspects in the development of the car and the team! Thank you ASMAG for helping us out so much regarding the technology behind the car as well as continuous motivation and support in everything we do!