F1 in Schools

F1 in Schools is a global, multi-disciplinary challenge where teams made up of students aged 9-19 work together to design, analyze, manufacture, test, and then finally compete with miniature-like Formula 1 racing cars. It should give students from all around the world an outside-classroom learning experience which is exciting and teaches new skills. In F1 in Schools, students do not only build cars and race them, learning about physics, aerodynamics and design, but a big part of the challenge also is learning about sponsorship, team management/leadership, media skills, financial strategies, branding and graphics. Students are motivated to use all of these skills in an exciting, creative, practical and competitive way. With all of these skills and with the miniature compressed air powered balsa wood F1 cars, these Teams then compete against each other. Every year, the fastest cars get to compete in the world finals and show all of their work to judges as well. 2017, these world finals are located in Kuala Lumpur, and BWT SWIFT is very honoured to represent Austria at this competition this year!